Refer A Friend to Propifi

As per any P2P platform the quality and size of our investor pool is key.

Specifically, it enables you as investors to fill Investment Opportunities and earn your paid upfront Propifi interest quickly.

Our Refer A Friend Program rewards you, on an ongoing basis, for the investors your refer. It is both simple to initiate and understand! 

You need to be a fully registered Propifi Investor to qualify, this means completing the following in your profile:

1. Investor Appropriateness test
2. Your investor self-categorisation 
3.  Passing the identity / KYC checks

You DO NOT need to have invested to qualify for the Refer A Friend Program.

You can obtain your Refer A Friend code by logging into your account and going to your Profile, then select the "Refer A Friend" option. This will display your unique Propifi Refer A Friend code; pass this code on to your friends as you see fit, letting them know they'll need to add it on their registration and they too can become Referrers just like you. 

You will receive the following rewards based on those that have registered and invested using your Refer A Friend code:

  • For their first investment, you will be rewarded an amount equivalent to 10% of the interest they received.
  • For their subsequent investments, you will be rewarded an amount equivalent to 5% of the interest they received.

These costs will be paid to you by Propifi and will not impact the interest paid to those you refer.

These rewards will be placed directly into your Propifi wallet within 28 days of the interest being paid to your Referred investor. You can then either use this to invest in a Propifi Investment Opportunity or download it from your wallet to your bank account. You will be notified by Propifi when a reward payment has been made to you.

No benefits, offers or terms other than standard ones detailed to new registrants can be offered by you as a Referrer. Propifi reserve the right to review any practices that may be seen to contradict our offering, or confuse those you refer to us, this may result in rendering this reward scheme invalid to you.

All payments will be made into your Propifi wallet, if you close your account you remove yourself from the Refer A Friend Program, opening a new account will not link previously referred friends to your new account.

This is a Refer A Friend program, not an Introducer scheme, therefore, either a threshold of 25 Friends contributing to your rewards, or an annual limit of £50,000 in rewarded payments apply. If these thresholds are reached you may be asked to sign up to an Introducer Agreement.

This Refer A Friend Program will be guaranteed until 6pm on March 31st 2020; In the event that the Refer A Friend program may alter after this date an announcement will be made to investors on March 1st 2020.

If you would like details about becoming an Introducer we would be happy to talk to you, please email