Established specifically to cater to the demand for bridging finance in the UK and to satisfy the increasing appetite for short term property finance to enable property developers to act quickly.

Propifi is a group of companies designated to perform the functions to meet the needs of borrowers and investors.

Executive Overview

Propifi has assembled an experienced team with a strong track record in Property, Property Finance, Project Management, Processing and Technology to bring a new, easy to access commercial lending opportunities to market, providing much-needed bridging finance for customers, and delivering high returns of 8% plus for investors; driven by seasoned directors with listed, AIM, blue-chip, corporate and SME experience.

Propifi has been established specifically to cater to the massive demand for bridging finance in the UK, and to satisfy the increasing appetite for property finance in the face of stagnating traditional lending channels. Our specialist team have been carefully selected and are acknowledged as experienced leaders in the bridging market.

Our long-standing industry contacts with introducers and borrowers are second to none, perfectly positioning us to take advantage of this opportunity.

Unlike others in the bridging space, providing single funding streams, Propifi are not just lenders but project managers. We understand that our competitive advantage comes from the personal, hands-on, service-led approach that’s seriously lacking in an otherwise ‘mechanical’ sector. We go beyond the brief and have vast experience of getting deals agreed where others have failed.


Propifi retains robust legal opinion from sector specialist lawyers to assist in our compliant approach and business model.

Please note that past performance nor past experience of is not a reliable indicator of future results. Your Capital is at Risk. No FSCS cover.


Key Events


Jan - Company Founded
April - Board Appointed
June - Crowdfunding Launch

Oct - 156% crowdfunded

Nov - £8.4m valuation

Nov - FCA AR Authorisation


Feb - P2P Platform Launched

March - £25m valuation

April - Nasdaq £25m listing initiated

Aug - Nasdaq listing complete

Oct - Retail IFISA initiated

Dec - FCA Principle changed


Feb - IFISA added to P2P Platform
Feb - Propifi SIPP authorisation
March - £1m IFISA transfer pipeline
April - FCA continues to change P2P landscape
April - P2P platform closed and reviewed during Covid 19 pandemic
April - Dublin Euronext listing initiated
May - IFISA closed with all funds returned to investors
May - Withdrew from FCA regulation
June - Prop-S1 £50m Dublin Euronext Exchange programme listing completed
August - P2P platform replaced with group website
September - Prop-S1 £50m Frankfurt Exchange programme listing

September - Prop-S1 £50m Oslo Exchange programme application


Business Overview

Market Value

The Bridging Loan market is currently worth £4.5 billion

Market Supply

The supply of funds in the market is only £2.5 Billion

Interest Rates

Providing competitive market rates for both investors and borrowers


Established market and processes with a tech focus to improve access and efficiency to investors and borrower


Flexible terms for borrowers and investors


Variety of capital sources for loan funding.

Propifi's senior managements teams' first-hand experience and network of active borrowers and investors, looking for higher returns, gives a strong competitive advantage


We know the market well with established connections. We move quickly to ensure the speed of delivery and agilely adopt technology to improve efficiency.

Supporting two main objectives of quicker access to funds for borrowers and high returns for investors are essential to our business.

Our experience and risk management approach ensures investors can rely on our expertise helps to mitigate and lower risk through our due diligence process.

Providing short term loans, 3–12 months, £100K to £5M, support borrowers' needs and deliver potential high-income returns for investors.

Business Summary


Potential High investor Returns & Strong Competitive Position

• Target return to investors of 8-12% per annum
• With only circa 30 key players in the market we have a strong presence
• Multiple sales channels - links with brokers, access to IFA market, recurring borrowers

Sustainable High Growth

• Rise with the tide (strong market demand)
• Demand for borrowings is out-stripping supply of funds
• Difficult market to enter if you do not have prior experience

Strong Processes

• Thorough, but efficient, application process – use of experts (RICS valuations, experienced solicitors)
• Customer retention – number of return loans to regular property developing borrowers

Profitable and Cash Generative

• Strong returns from loans
• Interest and fees deducted up front, generating positive and efficient cash flow
• Well-controlled cost base

Proven Management

• Significant experience - within the lending industry and at blue chip corporates
• Well-balanced and strong working partnership between the management team
• Highly complementary skill sets

Clear Strategy

• The demand for bridging finance has never been greater - need for capital to take full advantage of this ever growing market
• Further access to borrowers primarily through mortgage brokers and existing relationships
• Build the brand

Social Housing

Propifi is very excited about working with known developers on delivering social and affordable housing to the most vulnerable in our nation.

Propifi will provide acquisition funding for the developers site purchases, see the project through detailed planning and the achievement of the building warrant at which point one of the four development funding companies we work with will redeem Propifi's loan. We will only fund projects where the site already benefits from outline planning permission as a minimum. The developer will have discussed the specific elements of their application for detailed permission and building regulations with the planning officers before agreeing a purchase price. Once their offer is accepted, they will submit their application in the knowledge that much of the uncertainty has been eliminated in the pre planning discussions. The planning committee, who are responsible for deciding the outcome of the application, tend to favour social housing projects over speculative ones.


This allows Propifi to deploy capital in this sector on a closed bridge basis. (certainty of exit) whilst playing our part in trying to close the massive void in this section of the housing industry.



12 Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 1PD


+44 (0)8081696060

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