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Why P2P lend via Propifi?

Risk Mitigated

Investing in this way carries risk, but we have a strict due diligence process that is undertaken on any loan your money will be invested into and they will always be secured. Please note that security may be insufficient to repay capital invested.

Drives economy

Bridging loans are an essential part of fuelling the property market. Through peer-to-peer lending, both you and property developers could benefit directly. Why should only banks benefit?

Clear Product Choices

Everything can be done here on our website, you have complete control of the term of your investment and can be lending in minutes; browse Propifi products before you register.

Simple Platform

Check out our "How it works" page to see how very simple it is to P2P invest with Propifi. Our no-frills approach puts you in control to invest how you want to.