Investing With Propifi

Our Investment Model

Propifi assists clients with multiple investment opportunities that are right for them. Propifi completes all the "heavy lifting" of identifying, arranging and collecting bridging loans and pass on appropriate returns to investors via our products.


For an up to view of our investment opportunities please visit Propifi.Investments where you'll be able to explore products, rates and routes to invest.

Propifi fund bridging loans to our borrowers via a variety of different funding streams, some of these include an assortment of financial products that including listed Bonds, SIPPs, Mezzanine, and Direct Lines (Private and Corporate).


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With many traditional lenders valuing land or property in its current state and not its completed worth, it can be difficult for land purchasers and property developers to raise the capital to unlock the path to a development future value. 

A loan to "bridge" this gap is put in place with an emphasis on how the developer will refinance, or exit, the bridging loan.

Understanding both lending and development and combining both of these with what constitutes a robust exit model is key to operating low risk and high return lending.


Unlocking the huge value in property development allows for high interest bridging loans to be built into a developers' financial model and speed them towards there maintained significant profit, driven sustained longterm UK housing shortages.

Bridging loans are short term, 3-12 months and are secured against the borrowers' development and are often used by a commercial property developer to progress a purchase or development phase to refinance.

Our experienced and specialist credit panel work with borrowers to ensure their refinance/exit model is strong and that lent capital is secured against borrowers' assets with a significant loan to value margins, typically no more than 70%.