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Propifi is a group of UK based companies providing short term commercial bridging loans to property developers. We fund loans through a variety of ways, offering investors an opportunity to earn robust returns. 

Propifi has assembled a highly experienced team in property finance, development and technology to bring an easy to use,  commercial lending service to market, providing much-needed bridging finance for borrowers, whilst delivering excellent returns for investors. Propifi was established specifically to cater to the demand for bridging finance in the UK and to satisfy the increasing appetite for property finance in the face of stagnating traditional lending channels.


Our specialist senior management team have been carefully selected for their market and commercial experience.


Our long-standing network of contacts of both introducers borrowers is second to none, perfectly positioning us to take advantage of the UK bridging market, estimated to be worth £4.5bn billion (EY 2019).


Our competitive advantage comes from the personal, hands-on experience, service-led approach that Propifi was founded on and continues to deliver.

Please note that past performance nor past experience is not a reliable indicator of future results.

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Before the credit crunch in 2007 bridging finance was only offered by a small number of specialist lenders. As mainstream banks tightened up their lending criteria, a gap in the market developed to assist those homeowners and landlords looking for short-term finance. Bridging provided quick access to finance for those wishing to buy a new property before completing the sale of an existing one. Bridging finance has now evolved to provide property developers a similar advantage.

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Propifi fund bridging loans to our borrowers via a variety of different funding streams, some of these include investable financial products like listed Bonds, SIPPs, Mazzenine, and Direct Lines (Private and Corporate). Learn more about investing through bringing here.

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Established specifically to cater to the demand for bridging finance in the UK and to satisfy the increasing appetite for short term property finance to enable property developers to act quickly.

Propifi is a group of companies designated to perform the functions to meet the needs of borrowers and investors.

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