P2P lending is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, this regulation requires all P2P lending providers like Propifi to have a "Wind-down plan", this has to be agreed as part of our regulated activities. 

A wind-down plan includes how investments will continue in Propifi's absence, the ideal scenario is that investments via Propifi will continue to perform as expected, although this can not be guaranteed.

You should be aware of the following as a P2P lender:

(a) The possibility that P2P agreements may cease to be managed and administered before they mature;
(b) The possibility that any person involved in the continued management and administration of P2P agreements after the firm fails may not be subject to the same regulatory regime and requirements as the firm, and the resulting possibility that regulatory protections may be reduced or no longer available; and
(c) The likelihood that the majority of balances due to the lender are those due from borrowers rather than from the firm itself, so if the firm fails a lender’s entitlement to any client money held by the firm would not include those balances that the firm has not yet received from borrowers.

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