In many ways we are very similar. We offer competitive investment rates for P2P lenders, Propifi Investors will invest with us alongside other platforms. Given the risks of investing this practice is to be recommended. 

We feel that we are different in a few ways though:

  • Starting up in 2018 we have both experience of using other platforms and the hindsight from the P2P lending market that is now quite mature. Both of these have driven us to create a no-frills, simple and effective way to invest for you.

  • We know what we are good at and we've built Propifi from the ground up based on that. Our founders and directors have decades of local and national property development experience alongside similar banking and lending history. By combining and limiting our borrowing to bridging loans ensures we can act confidently in this market.

  • There's nothing complicated or clever about how you invest with Propifi, we don't use AI or algorithms to match investors to investments, we put you in complete control, giving you the information you need to invest as little or as much, as frequently or infrequently as you like on an investment-by-investment basis. We decided to create a space where you can invest without feeling like you are part of a technology guru's playground!

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