Corporate Bond - Investor Relations

Propifi provides bridging loans either via FCA regulated P2P investor funding or by unregulated direct lending, there is no combined funded product.

Bridging loans that are not funded by P2P investors are not delivered as an FCA regulated product.

S21 sign-off for the Propifi corporate bond, that funds non-FCA regulated direct bridging loans, has been provided by

In accordance with Rule 26 of the AIM Rules, the following is made available for those seeking investor relations for the Propifi Corporate Bond, last updated on May 2019 the following:

A description of the business, alongside biographies of our directors and senior management, can be found on our “About Us” page here.

A full Company Description can be found in the Bond Prospectus that can be found here, with Propifi Capital Limited’s Articles of Association here.

Monthly Management and Annual Accounts will be detailed below once available.