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Before the credit crunch in 2007 bridging finance was only offered by a small number of specialist lenders. As mainstream banks tightened up their lending criteria, a gap in the market developed to assist those homeowners and landlords looking for short-term finance. Bridging provided quick access to finance for those wishing to buy a new property before completing the sale of an existing one. Bridging finance has now evolved to provide property developers a similar advantage.


The UK bridging market is currently worth £4.5bn, a large proportion of this relates to property developers looking to progress developments with bridging finance.

Our Market

Bridging loans are used to solve current market issues and borrower needs. As the demand for property finance outstrips supply, bridging loans fill the gaps left by traditional lenders. Funds are provided more quickly through rigorous, but less bureaucratic, decision-making processes – still allowing for the focus on individual exit routes and asset valuations.


This process allows for sensible lending decisions and otherwise inaccessible investment opportunities to be progressed.

  • COMPLEMENTING COMMERCIAL TERM LENDING Whilst also a short-term alternative to term mortgages, bridging finance is also actively used to complement pre-arranged mortgages for commercial property and land completions.

  • SPEED OF TRANSACTIONS Businesses and property developers are attracted to the speed of bridging funding. Whilst mortgages can take several months to be approved, the opportunity to receive funds within 2 to 3 weeks of applying is very appealing.

  • NEED FOR QUICK COMPLETION The competitiveness of the sector means property developers need fast access to funds to take advantage of deals in an increasingly competitive market, often driven by competing bids.

  • INDUSTRY COMPETITION With the bridging industry becoming more popular and lucrative, there are more brokers and lenders than ever before. This has driven a trend over the last 5 years to fund bridging loans through platforms that have lacked the experience of underwriting and exit monitoring, many of which have recently failed, driving restrictive changes in regulation. Propifi is founded on the core principles of experienced lending and property development, utilising multiple funding streams that create an agile and longterm solution for our borrowers and investors; this focus continues to be our principle group cornerstone.

Borrowing and Investing with Propifi



The process for borrowing from Propifi is efficient with a quick turn around. The application and credit approval process for borrowing is thorough. Our underwriting team works closely with the credit panel and will pay particular attention to your exit strategy, security, experience and track record.



Propifi fund bridging loans to our borrowers via a variety of different funding streams, some of these include an assortment of financial products that including listed Bonds, SIPPs, Mezzanine, and Direct Lines (Private and Corporate).